About Tim Tolford 


The Photographer:

Tim has been involved in photography for over 30 years starting at the very moment he was given his first camera … a Brownie Bullet. Since then, after high school and college photography courses and guidance from photographer friends, Tim became "the guy with the camera."  Experience includes: public relations photographer, free-lance photographer for local news media and fire departments, darkroom developer/printer, landscape and scenery photographer, wedding photographer, special events photographer for parties, reunions, church events, promotional advertisements and brochures and bird portraits.


Tim is a member of the Professional Photographers of America and wholeheartedly embraces their standards.


Tim developed the concept of  "Bird Portraits" over the past 20 years of bird watching as a hobby.


Tim’s interest and emphasis on digital hi-resolution bird close-ups evolved through his long involvement in volunteer research as a Field Ornithologist which started as a back-yard birder in the late 1970's inspired by his  grandfather. 


The study of Hummingbirds and Songbirds in their natural surroundings continually provide an amazing subject matter and canvas for photographing birds “up-close and personal.”



The Researcher:

HBRC was founded by Tim in 2007. The research began in 1995. There are currently eight HBRC members conducting research throughout Ohio under the tutelage of Tim. Current projects include research on hummingbirds, spring and fall migratory birds, summer breeding birds, bluebirds, and purple martins, to name a few. HBRC is a non-profit organization currently sponsored by Audubon Miami Valley.

Photos by Tim Tolford

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